Coca-Cola Paper F-15

Coca-Cola was created in 1886, and it has became the most recognized brand worldwide. From the standpoint of engineering, Coca-Cola developed the bottling, glass, cardboard, sheet metal, water purification, refrigerators and transportation industries. In many parts of the world it had to implement these industries from scratch, then helping local economies.

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Coca-Cola Paper F-15

  Difficulty Level:  Intermediate                               Assembly Time:  5 hours


Coca-Cola Paper-F15-01

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-04

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-05

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-07

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-09

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-02

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-08

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-10

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-11

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-14

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-13

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-15

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-16

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-12

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-17

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-18

Coca-Cola Paper-F15-06