A-10 Current Status

The A-10 Prototype #1 Sad but Happy History

The A-10 Prototype #1 was assembled in late June 2011


It was taken to a hill for flight testing where it showed positive flights... A-10 PT#1 Flight Test Video

Then, a second prototype came with some improvements and a paint-scheme...


The A-10 PT#1 was taken as a reserve plane for the PT#2 flight test session. PT#2 was showing interesting flights...A-10 PT#2 Flight Test Video

Then, it happened the dissaster...

The A-10 PT#1, while grounded in parking place, was crushed by a baby kid. It was a sad end for such plane. So a decision for trying to repair it, was taken.
Restoration seemed to be good enough

Amazingly, it even could fly again... A-10 PT#1 Flight after reapair Video

Now happily, it is retired for museum purposes.

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