• A-10

  • F-16

  • Su-27

  • Mirage-2000

  • F-117

  • F-4E

  • Aviation Memorial Flyer

  • Eurofighter

  • F-14

  • F-15-JASDF

  • F-18

  • F-22

  • F-35

  • Gripen

  • F-18

  • Mig-29

  • R-182

  • F-15

  • J-10

Build yourself and fly realistic modern paper airplane jets. Make a collection of flyable 3d models. Step by step assembly instructions. Flying guide.    
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Buy and download a paper airplane e-book. Print with your printer the pages containing model's parts. Follow step by step detailed instructions: Cut out pieces with a pair of scissors, fold them using two rulers and stick with glue. You will build a 3d paper airplane jet model that is flyable. The difficulty level is enough to obtain a realistic aircraft and keep you busy some hours, but not too much to get concerned for damaging it with flights. You always will be able to reprint parts and assemble a new one. The document also contains a flying guide that explains how to balance the paper plane and how to manage ailerons, elevators, rudders and flaps in order to correct the flight path.

Enjoy assembling and flying these realistic 3d paper airplane models. Make a collection of modern paper jets.

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